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Dangers of Digital Marketing Companies

Dangers of Digital Marketing CompanieswebClinic Pro works with many different marketing companies to provide high-quality hosting for their customers. One of our unspoken goals is to insulate our clients from marketing companies that do not have their best interests in mind. There are a few indicators that we use to evaluate marketing companies. If there are any concerns, we voice these concerns with the customer and then execute the customer's wishes. The customer is always in control of their domain, name service, email, and hosting. Still, they often appreciate our feedback and respect their decision regardless of which direction they choose.

The first warning sign is when the marketing company immediately asks to change the name servers or domain registrar. This change request is a power play that allows the marketing company to fully control the customer's website, including the domain, name servers, email, etc. If the customer chooses to go with another marketing company in the future, they may run into difficulties as the customer no longer controls the domain. If the marketing company goes out of business, is unavailable, or is unwilling to transfer the domain back to the customer. The customer will experience delays, website and email outages, and potential loss of the domain entirely. A good marketing company will only ask for what is needed to accomplish their job and will work within the existing environment as much as possible. If they see opportunities to improve, they will provide suggestions, not mandates.

Suppose the marketing company does not have a website or has a placeholder page website that is the second warning sign. It's hard to get behind a company that doesn't take the time to manage its website correctly. If you are doing digital marketing, the most significant evidence of your ability is your website. This fact might seem obvious, but it is incredible how many clients have been won over by a smooth-talking salesperson promising more than they can deliver. If it sounds too good to be true, it often is. The marketing companies that utilize webClinic Pro understand the value we bring and leverage that to provide their clients with a better product.

The third is a personalized email address. Again this seems essential but having an email address that utilizes your domain ( shows an additional level of professionalism and polish. If you get an email from a marketing company or individual from a free email service, such as or, then delete it. If they won't take the time to create a professional email address, then it isn't worth your time to read it. This simple test will save you a lot of time sifting through spam email weekly.

Last but not least, check the reviews on Google. If you are unfamiliar with this, go to and type in the business's name. You should see the business appear on the left with reviews underneath. Suppose the company does not appear, then it might not be listed with Google Business. If the business isn't listed, then don't bother with them. If the business is listed, then read through the reviews. A reputable company will have several reviews with a written comment below. You'll get a good idea of the company and their service from the reviews.

If a customer has multiple websites over time, they will find their website difficult to manage as the transfer of domains, hosting, email, etc., has led to fragmentation. It is then hard to get anything accomplished as no one knows who controls what or how to access it. This roadblock is a common problem that we address with our customers and often resolve and consolidate. Furthermore, if you are looking for a good marketing company, we can provide a list of reputable companies that we work with as consideration.