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Rising Encryption Standards - Upgrading SHA-1

Encryption algorithms are used to make websites secure.  In order to secure a website it requires an SSL certificate that uses encryption algorithms to keep the data safe in transit.  SHA-1 is a common encryption algorithm that is commonly used, but is now vulnerable as a result of decreasing hardware costs and increasing processing power.  If a someone had the money, they could buy processing power and break the encryption.

In 2013 the estimated cost of doing this was over $1M. But by 2015 it was estimated at around $75K; well within the resources of criminal organizations and intelligence agencies. Soon the risk of using SHA-1 to encrypt sensitive information will become too great. Most web browsers have said they will stop accepting SHA-1 by 2017. Instead industry experts are pushing for use of the more secure SHA-2 encryption. Unlike SHA-1, breaking SHA-2 would require way too many operations to be considered feasible.

In response to the rising encryption standards of the internet, webClinic Pro is implementing SHA-2 encryption to stay ahead of any potential risk to our clients.