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Is your website encrypted? It should be.

It’s our firm belief that every website should implement encryption. Website encryption has become a hot topic lately, with most people identifying website encryption as the green lock at the top of the browser. Website encryption focuses on the information that passes back and forth between the website visitor and server. A visitor makes a request for a webpage, the server processes it and sends back a response.

Rising Encryption Standards - Upgrading SHA-1

Encryption algorithms are used to make websites secure.  In order to secure a website it requires an SSL certificate that uses encryption algorithms to keep the data safe in transit.  SHA-1 is a common encryption algorithm that is commonly used, but is now vulnerable as a result of decreasing hardware costs and increasing processing power.  If a someone had the money, they could buy processing power and break the encryption.

Protect Your Online Shopping

The holiday season is quickly approaching and with it an exponential growth in online versus brick and mortar shopping. In the past few years, online sales have grown so much that Black Friday is now coupled with the increasingly famous Cyber Monday. With this frequency of online sales comes a larger target for fraud and identity theft so now is a good time to start taking your online security more seriously. Here are a few simple tips to help you browse and shop safely this coming season.

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