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WordPress Security

70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hackers.

Services from webClinic Pro offers personalized, expert WordPress security to help clean, prevent, and protect your WordPress website. If it's not clear why WordPress needs particular attention and added protection, continue reading for more about why it is so important.

47 Million Sites are Wordpress Websites, making up 26% of all websites.

70% of Wordpress Installations are Vulnerable to hackers and malware.

20 Million Wordpress Sites are vulnerable at any time.

70% of Attacks are the result of plugin vulnerabilities & brute force attacks.

30,000 Websites are infected every single day.

63% of Wordpress owners do not know they are already hacked.

Nearly four in five hacked websites were running WordPress.

Who is Attacking Your WordPress Website

Single Bot

A hacker who operates a computer manually, attacking one site at a time, and attacking slowly but thoroughly.


Operates a computer manually, attacks one site at a time, slow in attacking but thorough.


A Botnet is a group of computers rapidly attacking multiple sites simultaneously. Attacks are unsophisticated, originating from various IP’s.

Top tips to protect your website

Make sure to secure your website traffic with an SSL certificate.

Update Wordpress core, plugins, and themes on a regular basis.

Take measures to transfer all sensitive data securely.

Get a detailed review of your website by a professional.

Perform regular virus scans and checks for any malicious files.

Ensure you have daily backups of your website files and database.

Featuring the webClinic Pro WordPress Plugin

As one of the most popular CMS' on the market, WordPress is also one of the most significant targets for malware attacks and hacking. Our custom WordPress Plugin integrates webClinic Pro security into your WordPress environment to provide enhanced protection and performance. Instead of modifying configuration files and installing multiple plugins, webClinic Pro has created a single plugin that implements our core security features. This plugin requires webClinic Pro hosting to function.

Core features:

  • Hosting authentication
  • Forced encryption
  • webClinic Pro security seal